Fall Workshop to Feature Special Topics on Regulatory Issues

Join us November 2-6, 2015 at ASU’s Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI) for the Large-Scale Algal Cultivation, Harvesting and Downstream Processing Workshop. The workshop will feature special topics on regulatory issues related to cultivation and FDA approvals. Also joining us are guest instructors Dr. Bob Andersen (University of Washington and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences), leading algae cultivation and biotechnology expert, and Drs. Greg Sowers and Gavin Thompson (Environmental Product Safety and Stewardship Division of Ramboll Environ) who will be discussing regulatory issues. See below for a detailed description of the workshop and links to more information.


ATP3 Fall 2015 Workshop: Large-Scale Algal Cultivation, Harvesting and Downstream Processing Workshop

This weeklong intensive course is taught by some of the world’s leading experts in microalgal cultivation and the analysis of biomass. This workshop will cover aspects of growing cultures at scale and participants will have numerous hands-on training opportunities. It will feature more than 32 hours of lectures, laboratory and field training.

Workshop Instructors:

Milton Sommerfeld (ASU/AzCATI)

Dr. Tom Dempster (ASU/AzCATI)

Dr. Schonna Manning (UT-Austin/UTEX Culture Collection of Algae)

** Guest Instructor ** Dr. Bob Andersen (formerly of UW and CCMP)

** Guest Instructor ** Dr. Greg Sowers (Ramboll Environ)

** Guest Instructor ** Dr. Gavin Thompson (Ramboll Environ)

Special Topics:

Regulatory issues pertaining to outdoor mass cultivation of microalgae

GRAS: procedures to get algal products approved and to market

Sign up today for this educational opportunity hosted at AzCATI in Mesa, Arizona – seating is limited! This workshop is designed for participants interested in an overview of managing cultures at scale, as well as advanced students and professionals who would like to learn more about the practical applications of microalgae.

For more information, check out the tentative schedule and the Fall 2015 workshop brochure.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Tom Dempster at

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Workshop participants learn hands-on about microalgae growth systems.