ATP3 Applauds First year of Algae Caucus Activity

One year after the formation of the Congressional Algae Caucus, member and cofounder, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Arizona), said the caucus’ work is just getting started. The caucus will remain to push for legislation that supports algae research and development.

“It is more important than ever that we work to accelerate the development of the algae industry in the United States,” Salmon said. “By ensuring that our government’s policies do not discriminate against algae and algal-based products, I believe that we will secure our role as the world’s leader in this field, bringing jobs and capital to our nation’s recovering economy.”

Gary Dirks, director of the national algae testbed network, Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership (ATP3), said he looks forward to the continued support of caucus members like Salmon.

“Like ATP3, this caucus and its members serve to propel the algae industry forward,” said Dirks, who is also director of the Arizona State University LightWorks research initiative. “The caucus fulfills an essential need to create legislation that promotes algae research and development in order to address global and national issues such as sustainable fuel generation, food security and carbon dioxide mitigation.”

Along with Congress, the Algae Caucus works with federal organizations such as the United States Department of Energy, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Defense and others in the creation of regulations for numerous algae-derived products. In a previous presentation with the caucus, Dirks said, with congressional support, we can be optimistic about the potential for future innovations in algal technologies.

The algae industry is rapidly expanding, offering products such as biofuels, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, feedstock production and other algae biomass co-products. These multi-billion dollar industries have the ability to create careers and economic security within the nation along with addressing environmental challenges that take place across the globe.

ATP3 is just one network out of many contributing large amounts of research to the algae industry. ATPleverages modeling tools that offer the ability to shorten commercialization time, test new technology, create sustainable and efficient cost-cutting goals and assess the current state of technology for the production of algae products and biofuels.

This month, caucus cofounder, Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) will discuss the Algae Caucus with Algae Biomass Organization Summit attendees in San Diego. ATP3 partners will also exhibit and speak at the summit. To see a complete list of the  ATP3 network participation in the Summit, click here.

For more information about the 2014 Algae Biomass Summit please visit the ABO website.

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The Algae Caucus, ATP3 and other algae supporters will continue to churn out legislation and services to propel the algae industry into the future