ATP3 Offers Next Workshop in March 2017

Routine Measurement and Biochemical Analysis of Microalgal Cultures
March 13-17, 2017
AzCATI, ASU-Polytechnic Campus, Mesa, Arizona
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Educational Opportunities

ATP3 offers superior formal and informal education and training in the use of microalgae as feedstock for biofuels and coproducts, through hands-on learning opportunities, workshops, and seminars held at ATP3 partner sites and selected public events.

Workshops are designed to enhance the knowledge of those who are already familiar with algae, and also provide an introduction to algae culture management for those with no prior experience. Many topics are of direct relevance for those who are interested in commercialization of algae.


Routine Measurement and Biochemical Analysis of Microalgal Cultures

Winter 2017 (March 13-17)
AzCATI (Mesa, AZ)
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Feedback from our previous workshops

  • “These modules helped me define what my initial actions should be upon return to my company.”
  • “The Intro to Algae was perfect in that it covered all the bases to a novice.” “I liked that we got to do hands on work. It made the module easy to follow and understand.”
  • “It’s great to see the whole process. Instructors are very knowledgeable and kind. Experiments went well.”